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New Job Hunters - 10 Tips for Job Search Success

By David Freeman

When you're unemployed, you can waste a lot of time learning the job search "rules of the road". Here are 10 job seeking tips that can help you hit the ground running.

1. Be positive
A positive mental attitude will make all the difference. Don't reflect too much on the past, on the last job. What counts is the present. This could be an opportunity in disguise. Focus on the future - your next job - and make this a change for the better.
2. It's a marathon, not a sprint
You may be lucky and find something new quickly. But most likely, your job search will take a while. Most likely it will be months - not weeks - of effort to land your next job. Don't worry: it takes most people this long, not just you. Meanwhile, pledge to keep an even keel. Avoid the emotional roller coaster of getting too caught up in the drama of every potential job. Conserve one of your strongest assets - a healthy mental outlook.
3. Know thyself
What type of job do you want? Why? And what makes you qualified to get that job? Start your job search looking inward - not outward.
4. If feasible, upgrade you
This might be the time to take a few classes and upgrade your job skills. This need not be a long, costly endeavor. Selected computer classes at your local adult education facility can help qualify you for a better job.
5. Resumes. Cover letters. Oh my.
A job search requires new skills. You need to know where to look for job postings, the ins and outs of unemployment, how to write a resume, how to write a cover letter, interviewing techniques, etc. There are many resources online to help you. Check for job search organizations in your area that give workshops on these topics. It's time well spent.
6. Online job sites are a great resource
Newspaper job listings guarantee lots of competition; what's more, they focus on jobs where demand exceeds supply (think: nurses, tech hotshots). Small businesses are more and more posting jobs on Craig's List, Monster and other job sites - they find them often cheaper, faster and easier than newspapers. For the job hunter, using searches to target specific jobs and locations is a godsend. Time-saving sites like indeed.com let you do Google-like searches vs. job postings from many sites.
7. Tailor your resume and cover letter for each job
The employer often mentions specific job skills needed. If you have these skills, make sure they can't be missed: tweak your resume to highlight them. A little extra time will land your resume in the the interview pile, not the reject pile.
8. Play employer with your resume
Look at your resume as a prospective employer would. Gaps in employment, frequent job changes, etc. raise red flags for employers. Be prepared with answers for these likely questions.
9. Interviews are an acquired skill
Your early interviews may not go as well as you hoped. Don't worry: you'll get better as you go along. Better yet - have a few practice interviews with a friend before the real thing. After a few times you'll be a veteran, and possibly better at it than the person doing the interview!
10. Be yourself during the interview
Disregard advice that you must "perform" during the interview - this will only make you tense and unnatural. Of course be positive and professional. But be yourself. If they don't like the real you, how happy would you be working there? Focus instead on building rapport with the interviewer. If it looks like you fit in - if you are someone they will enjoy working with day in and day out - you have answered their important unasked questions.
Looking for a job is no walk in the park. But you can do it. Follow these tips to keep positive and focused on the goal: your next job.

© Copyright 2007 David Freeman. All rights reserved.
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