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Teacher Cover Letter Samples & Examples

20+ free cover letter samples for teachers.  Example cover letters found here: various Elementary School Teachers, Middle School Teacher / Junior High Teacher, Reading Teacher, several High School Teachers, Substitute Teacher, Student Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Entry-Level Teacher, Preschool Teacher, more.

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Experienced Elementary School Teacher - 3rd, 4th, 5th Cover Letter

Example cover letter for an elementary school teacher with six years experience. This teaching applicant has taught third, fourth and fifth grades, and is especially strong as a math teacher. This elementary teacher cover letter showcases her teaching skills and "above and beyond" areas such as district level teaching in science, technology and social studies, content assessment, and an EETT Peer Coaching Grant recipient. From classroom-teacher-resources.com.

Middle School Teacher / Junior High Teacher Cover Letter Example

Free cover letter example for an experienced middle school teacher. This middle school / junior high teacher cover letter leads with her strongest credentials: prior middle school teaching experience, seven years as a teacher, and her teaching certification. With bullet points, she emphasizes multi-subject experience in english, mathematics and social studies. A direct and professional middle / junior high school cover letter from an experienced educator. From resume-resource.com.

Elementary School Teacher Sample Cover Letter

Sample cover letter for an elementary school teacher opening. The candidate is an experienced elementary school teacher that has taught first grade through fourth grade in math, reading, writing, social studies and science. Pay attention to the attractive cover letter format here: bullet points and selective bold font really catches the eye. Excellent elementary school teacher cover letter. From resumepower.com.

Teacher's Aide / Teacher Assistant (K-3) Sample Cover Letter

Example cover letter for an experienced teacher assistant for grades K-3. This teacher's aide has nine years of classroom experience, and his cover letter details classroom TA experience. An effective teacher assistant cover letter, the candidate touches upon working with students afflicted with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, as well as strategies for coping with misbehaving students. PDF format.

Elementary School Reading Teacher Cover Letter Example

Free cover letter sample for an elementary school reading teacher specializing in grades 3-4. This reading teacher cover letter sample was developed by a professional resume writing service, and features an excellent before and after set of cover letter examples. Note how the "after" cover letter is much stronger through the use of bolded, underlined section headings. From provenresumes.com.

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Example Cover Letter

An example cover letter for a substitute teacher. This applicant emphasizes her broad substitute teaching credentials, teaching elementary, junior high and high school students from grades K-12. This substitute teacher cover letter is well-written and nicely includes her teaching strengths, focusing on the spur of the moment challenges faced by substitute teachers. Good cover letter template for substitute teachers. PDF format.

College Grad / Entry-Level Teacher Sample Cover Letter

Cover letter sample of a recent college grad seeking an entry-level teaching position as a high school math teacher. This beginning teacher cover letter details experience as a student teacher as well as a math tutor in college. Also effective is the candidate's use of personal history as a former graduate from the school district. PDF format. From sfsu.edu.

Social Studies Teacher Cover Letter Example

Sample cover letter for a high school social studies teacher. This high school cover letter is from an experienced teacher who has taught students from K-12, focusing on the high school level. The cover letter touches on chairing the social studies department, various teaching proficiencies and a personal belief as to what the ideal classroom constitutes in his mind. Good cover letter, in many ways applicable to any high school-level teaching applicant. From teacher-cover-letter.com.

First Grade Teacher from Teacher Assistant Cover Letter

Free example cover letter for a first grade teacher, an entry-level teacher position for this applicant. This cover letter focuses on this new teacher candidate's qualifications: currently a teacher assistant for a multi-age first-grade and second grade classroom, a teaching position highly relevant to this opening, and previously a student teacher. She calls out her experience with young children from diverse backgrounds. PDF format. From colorado.edu.

Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Cover letter sample for a middle school art teacher. An experienced Art teacher with a Master of Arts Education degree, this candidate has applied to the school district seeking either an elementary or middle school art teacher position. This art teacher cover letter focuses on five years of classroom experience as a junior high art teacher and her teaching qualifications. PDF format.

Science Teacher Sample Cover Letter

Free cover letter sample for a science teacher. Applying to the school district, this science teacher cover letter details experience teaching biology and chemistry in both the high school and elementary school environments. She emphasizes a learning environment featuring hands-on activities and science experiments that are fun for the students. Also detailed is out of classroom support for students, parents and fellow teachers. PDF format.

Elementary School Teacher with Some Experience Cover Letter Sample

Free cover letter sample for an elementary school teacher with some experience. Applying for a second grade teacher opening, this teaching candidate has experience as an intermediate team teacher working with students in the third, fourth and fifth grades. She also has been a fourth-grade student teacher. This is a well-written cover letter and an excellent example for beginning teachers breaking into the profession. From classroom-teacher-resources.com.

Spanish Teacher Example Cover Letter

Free cover letter sample for a high school Spanish teacher. This Spanish teacher cover letter emphasizes seven years of teaching experience; in addition to being a high school Spanish teacher, this candidate is a middle school Spanish tutor and the organizer/sponsor of a Spanish club. Her record in teaching a diverse set of Spanish class students and her qualifications are presented in this cover letter. PDF format. From teacher-cover-letter.com.

Elementary School Teacher K-5 Sample Cover Letter

Sample cover letter for a K-5 elementary school teacher opening. This cover letter is for an experienced teacher seeking to relocate to a new city. The highlight of this cover letter is a series of bullet points detailing K-5 teaching achievements such as first grade reading, incorporating computers in classroom work and teaching first and second grade social science, physical education, art, technology and mathematics. From workbloom.com.

ESL Teacher Cover Letter

Sample cover letter for an ESL teacher. This ESL teacher cover letter sets the candidate apart by making the case that teaching ESL students is a calling, not a job. The applicant's personal story reinforces this, their struggles overcoming the language barrier as a new immigrant, and their success after learning English from a dedicated teacher. Excellent bilingual teacher cover letter for second language learner teachers. From samplecoverlettersamples.com.

Beginning Teacher / Student Teacher Cover Letter

Free cover letter example for an entry-level teacher position. This beginning teacher cover letter focuses on her experiences as a student teacher for fourth grade. Although new to teaching, this cover letter works in other relevant experience such as a background in human development, a Masters in Education, and even experiences as a former elementary school secretary. Nice entry-level teacher cover letter sample. From classroom-teacher-resources.com.

Assistant Preschool Teacher Example Cover Letter

Cover letter example for an assistant preschool teacher. This preschool teacher has 10 years experience in a preschool environment, and her cover letter details related training, recognition and specialties. A well-written preschool teacher cover letter, it concludes with both an expression of the candidate's enthusiasm and thanking the reviewer for their time. From workbloom.com.

Career Change Substitute Teacher Free Cover Letter

Cover letter sample for a substitute teacher. The candidate is seeking a career change into education, so her cover letter focuses on tutoring elementary school children in reading, writing, math and history. Also, her background in adult education, the business world and speaking experience is touched on. Good cover letter for a career change into education. From resumecoverletter.net.
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Professional cover letter writing tips: how to craft a resume cover letter that gets results. The cover letter resources assembled can help you add a solid cover letter to your job search tool kit. Cover Letter writing advice includes: Cover Letter Basics; Intern Cover Letter Tips; The Not-So-Effective Cover Letter; Nuts and Bolts of Effective Cover Letters; E-Mail Cover Letters and more.

School Librarian Cover Letter Example

Sample cover letter for an experienced School Librarian.  This candidate is a certified Media Specialist with a Master Degree in Library Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  Previous experience shows her extensive media and librarian experience has been effective in communicating the importance and value of library usage.  This cover letter shows her passion to facilitate library resources to a diverse group of people.  This is a well written cover letter and an excellent example for  a School Librarian and Media Specialist applicant.

Physical Education Teacher Example Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for a Senior Physical Education Teacher applying to a Regional High School.  This candidate has 10 years of experience in various subjects including physical education.    The PE teacher cover letter emphasizes his belief in the importance of physical activities leading  to a better lifestyle for individual and family relations.  From resume-resource.com

Assistant Principal Sample Cover Letter

Free cover letter sample for an Assistant Principal.   This cover letter highlights the candidates  extensive 10 years experience in Elementary Administration and  Early Childhood specialization.  This is a very detailed, well written and organized  Assistant Principal cover letter emphasizing his experiences  and  accomplishments in an elementary school district where he’s established a culture of learning that promotes growth and development.  From teacher-cover-letter.com.
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